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I startet playing cello with approx. three and a half years. This time, I was in a musical support program for kids (in german it is called 'musikalische Früherziehung') in Nordenham. The educator showed us different instruments every time. Ones, he showed us a cello which I found very cool. Since then, I wanted to learn how to play it and my parents looked for a music school, where this was possible. Since then, I learned from diverse teachers to play the cello, in the end also in Singen. Since 2004 I also played in a children orchestra and later, also in the youth orchestra of the music school Westlicher Hegau. At last, I also assisted in the Instrumentalverein Rielasingen-Worblinen.

To play music gives very much pleasure to me and also to play in an orchestra makes realy much fun. With the orchestra I experienced very much. We played on some birthdays and weddings. But the best thing, we were always looked forward for, was our orchestra holidays in Italy. We drove there with small, rented buses as a complete string orchestra and busked. We always quartered in agritourismos. Estates that are renovated to holiday camps. They are not so big and one is not in the middle of a city.

The situation is normally very quiet and we could relax over lunchtime in the pool or with sunbathing. Also the italian cuisine and the service were always superior. In the mornings and the evenings we then played on the street in the towns in the periphery, to finance the holidays. So our parents didn't had to pay an expensive holiday and we had much fun. It was also a great musical experience, which I can advice to everybody who plays an instrument. The group picture 'Unterwasserstreicher' is also developed while one of this journeys and it is to see in my Portfolio.
Unfourtunately, within my studies I am not able to go to the probes and the music schools, why I finished it. Now, I just play sometimes for me, just for fun.

I also passional hear good music. I already growed up with diverse music which I am also paritally into hearing nowadays. But at the moment, the Piano Guys are my absolute favorites. There is a pianist and a cellist which cover different songs and also play some own songs. What these guys get out of their instruments is simply brilliant.
Also with a very high level and great quality is the music of Peter Hollens. He is an a capella musician and most of his songs he sings allone. Therefore, he partially records himself over 40 times with different tracks. If you hear his songs, you will never miss any instrument. I also love the a capella group Pentatonix who are outstanding talented guys. Unfortunately, their bass singer left the group a few weeks ago.