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Warhammer 40k


Warhammer 40000 is one of the so called table-top games. So you play most on a table on which is built an often self-made landscape. Often even the table itself is covered with gypsum to form hills and other landscape forms. Most of the structures are made or also bought in single parts like buildings, ruins, forests and other things to become a various battlefield.
Also, the figures which occur in many different models are mostly bought as construction kit to be built and painted by the players. There are many different races with different Units which also can be equipped differently.

The game itself runs a bit like chess - just more complex. Every unit has its allowed movement range. In addition, there are some special rules for the different kinds of terrain and locomotion kinds. For example difficult terrain can be ignored by antigrav vehicles.
After the movement, every unit has, depending on its armature and equipment, diverse possibilities of ranged attacks and after this for some kinds of melee attacks. If the unit hits or not, if the enemy is covered or has enough armor is determined by a die.
For the victory of a battle you need, beside a bit luck, a good strategy such as a tactical wise use of the terrain and a well combination and equipment of your own army against the opposing.

I'm playing an alien fraction - the Eldar. They are something like the elves of the future. They own sophisticated weapons and rely on speed, camouflage or advanced shield technology instead of heavy armor. Beside, they have the most detailed figures of the different warhammer fractions, what is particularly great to paint.

Here you can see some of my painted figures. One of the pictures shows the proportions of the figures as well. I will upload some more when I've painted or shot them, respectively.