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Welcome to my Website!


In this small corner of the internet you can read some things about me and my hobbies. Here, I show you my work and photographies in the different categories and keep you up to date about me in general.

If you are wondering, how I get the name for this website, I have an easy illustration:
It is just an acronym off my first and my family name. Because I want to show my photographies and also my hobbies are somehow creative, I added the '-arts'. Furthermore, I liked to use a name, that is linked with nature or biology, somehow, because most of my topics have to do with them. And also my pictures are about nature and biology. Makis, like the tarsier - which is stylized in my logo - are cute, small primates, which live predominant in trees on the southeastern asian islands. They usually feed insects and sometimes also small vertebrates. Just have a look in google for them ;)

I appreciate every comment and all support which cheers me to go on and also to realize other projects.
You can also share my site on social networks or leave a comment. I would appreciate this very much! Also the guestbook is thought for stimulating discussion and constructiv criticism and offers a platform to write with me and others. The guestbook works with Disqus. A service for public comments and content. You must not have an account to use its functions. But if you like it more personal, you can also contact me by the contact formular on the top right side.

So, have fun with exploring this site!