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There are - beside computer games, of course - two kinds of roleplaying. The so called LARP what means life action role playing, and which most people have in mind, when they hear about someone who is role playing. For this, people dressing up and coming together on bigger events like medieaval festivals or things like that, to immerge into the world for several days. This kind of role playing I don't do.

I just play the so called pen and paper role playing games. To play this kind, ones are meeting frequently to play a story on a table, together. For this, there is a master who has an adventure which he bought, or what he created himself. He is describing to the players, what the world looks like and what happens in the world. He is also playing the nscs - the non player characters. Each player has his own self-made character, which has to act and interact with the group and to the described events, to follow the story of the master - or even not.

The attraction of this game is, that one have the freedom to do everything, what is possible to think of. Of course, within some rules, which can be more or less extensive, depending on the game. There are role playing games of every category: sci-fi, end time, fantasy, medieaval, fun-plots and all different kinds between this. The most games are quiet time-consuming. A campaign, which contents of some more adventures, often takes several month (if you are not meeting every day). But there are some fun games, where one adventure takes only a few hours.

In my almoust 12 years of role playing, I have tried Dungeons & Dragons, Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye), Monster of the late show, Degenesis, Warhammer 40k and Feng-Shui. But my absolute favorite is Das Schwarze Auge. It consists of a very large rule system, which allow to go into a very animated and realistic world, also with fantasy elements. If the many rules are too much, you also can leave some rules aside. There are not just many rules, but also many descriptions of the world and the landscapes, nations, and people. And even the world affairs, which continoues beside the adventures, are already kept ticking over about 20 years.

For beginner, which would like to try something like this, I would advice to start with a more simple game or to start with Das Schwarze Auge with the basic rules. But who already gained insight and also can put himself into his characters position very good, I just can recommend everybody warmly to try this game.