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The photography as my hobby, I discovered while I worked at Foto Wöhrstein. As you can read in the category Home -> About me, I worked there, for a while. Because I engaged in this topic with great interest, I wanted to shoot a few pictures on my own. At that time I begun with a Canon Powershot A720. Because I already then preferred to take closeup-views, this camera was perfect. Since then I never saw a compact camera, wich is as good. Just lately, there are some professional compact cameras, which can take it on.

But very soon, I reached a limit with this compact camera. The details were not good enough to me. So I changed to the single reflex photography. I bought a Nikon D90 with an 18-200mm travelzoom, at the beginning and I got significant more satisfying results as with the small one. Because I was at the source and I could see what is possible and what there is for technology, I already fancy with a new purchase. A macrolens.
After I was discontented with a macrolens from Sigma because it was too slow to photograph crawling or flying insects, I bought the Nikkor 105 Micro which I use untill now. Later, a SB900 Flash and, to exchange the 18-200mm, a Nikkor 16-85mm and a Nikkor 70-300mm joined my choices. But I just use them almost in holidays, when I just want to snap some pictures or if I need one of those focal distances. Further I bought a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, because this allows a really nice bokeh. For my closeup-views I also bought a macroflash with infraredsender (RC1C-Kit) and a set of baffle rings from Kenko. But they need very much light, so the macroflash is really necessary for them to get sharp pictures.

For me, the photography is a very nice hobby, which is very joyful. You are going out, searching special places in the nature, where you often can find special animals and you are always hunting for a better picture, or even the perfect one. Besides you can learn how to call the plants and animals and where to find them.
I am editing my pictures negligible to illustrate the natur like it is. Usually I also don't trick to take photos of the animals. So I don't catch or even kill them. Even the few pictures I did in a studio, were made with living and moving objects. Of course, if a dead animals is crossing my path, I use the chance to create so-called focus-stacking pictures for example.
It is also a very relaxing, even if sometimes exhausting, balance to daily grind in the university or at the computer at home. I preferentially photograph for my own and for potential documentation of my work. But I also want to show others what is concealed to most people, even if they see it every day. Of course, I am not averse to sell copies of my photos. So if you like a photo that much that you want to hang it on your wall or use it elsewhere, I appreciate to provide advice to varations and the material where it looks and fits for you best. Because I also photograph at zoos, there could be some licence fees for special photos.

If you didn't see any of my pictures, just have a look to my new pictures in the gallery :)