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Since I was seven years old, I am fascinated of the underwater world and its inhabitants. As I was in holiday in spain with my parents and my brother, my father was going to dive several times there. Once, at the camping place, at which we stood, came some divers of the neighborhood to offer trying diving in the pool of the camping place. My brother and I wanted to do this, immediately
Because we didn't want to end this, the diver offers to go diving in the sea to us or respetively to our parents. They agreed and we were very happy. While my father did a right dive, we were going to our first dive in the wild. It is a really great feeling to be agravic in the water, sorrounded by just your own breath an some fishes and corals and respectively water plants.

Some time later, I did my diver's licence in Lake Constance as a member of the Tauchclub Singen and dive there several times. In the lake, there is not so much to see - in summer, while algal bloom, nearly nothing - but this feeling is still existing. Thanks to the often very small vegetation, you feel like you are flying over a landscape of small tree groups or little forests. A feeling or respectively an hobby which I can advice to everybody to try it!
By now, I dived almost uniquely in Lake Constance with my dry suit. But in case of my internship with Erich Ritter and Sharkschool I was also able to dive in the warm sea. This is also very nice and of course there is much more to see in comparison with the lake.
Here you can see some our snrokeling activities during this time:

What is really interesting for me and what I want to try at all cost, is apnea. Just to go into this other world, without all the annoying equipment and tubes around and not to have your breath in mind all the time, I imagine as an exalted feeling of freedom.